NYFW SPRING 2014 | Fallon Jewelry

The line up
Jewelry heist a la Bling Ring was the theme at Fallon Jewelry's runway debut at New York Fashion Week. In accordance with the theme, designer Dana Lorenz styled her gorgeous cat burglars up in minimalist yet edgy uniforms to display her jewels. The makeup, hair, and nails mirrored the simple rocker chic, don't care feel. For the complete beauty report on Fallon, be sure to swing by The Examiner.             

Some of the tools used to create the "street gang" look.
Howto charts line the walls to illustrate the chic and sexy dishelved hair worn by the models.

Sally Hansen's nail bling kits.
Jut a little sample of what one might do with the Sally Hansen nail kits.
Sally Hansen "Pat on the Black" served as a base for...
...the fun piercings and rhinestones which gave the nail look a edgy yet glam rocker feel.

Rehearsal time.

And now for the true stars of the show. That cuff!

"Diamonds", "diamonds", and more, you got it, "diamonds"
A collection full of statement pieces, as if they were stolen from an estate sale.

If you want a sneak peak at what went down through out the week, swing by instagram and search #teamcandifiend to peep what my kick ass NYFW team saw and did. There's more to see, so please come back soon! XOXO

I'd wear this every day, wouldn't you?

Reporting at Fallon by Ko Im, Photos by Adam Hanson


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