Alice's Favorite Things 6 Days Holiday Giftaway: Day 5 | Luminess Air Legend

I get asked regularly by pros and non-pros alike for my personal thoughts on airbrush. My answer is always: it's all about technique.

I believe you can achieve flawless skin with brushes and sponges as long as you put the energy into learning. Same goes with airbrush, if you don't put the time into learning good airbrush technique you can still end up with blotchy skin. There's no real fail-proof. There's not a "better" option. There are only choices, and different means of attaining the same end goal.

What I do know about makeup, is that time is a huge factor in whether or not you will use the products that you acquire.

I was introduced fairly recently to Luminess Air by their lovely pro, Heather. Prior to Luminess Air, I have had the chance to work with many other variations on airbrush makeup systems, and I do own one for work. But, I always felt that those systems were really more geared to someone like me– A pro and not really for day to day personal usage.

Most women wear makeup to work every day. I get many clients who come to me asking very specifically for "daytime" makeup. Professional, not too flashy, and usually way more conservative than what is popular on Instagram these days.

Personally, I don't wear the kind of makeup you might expect a makeup artist to wear when I am working. I really focus on having even skin, a little contour so I don't look flat, full lashes, neat brows, and a pop of color on my lip. I always want to look professional and accessible to the people I work with, and never like I am going to cake makeup on to them.

But even as simple as my daily look sounds, it still takes time, and if I get out of bed even a second late, it can really throw off my schedule.

Luminess's resident pro Heather really got down to the bottom line: it is actually possible for the every day gal to save time using a system like the Legend, which really influenced my perspective. If you can commit yourself to learning the technique, airbrush is a great solution for the busy gal.

Please swing by Examiner to get to know Luminess Air makeup artist Heather Hughes.

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  1. yesterday's question is on again.. but I'm a little bit of both. Depends on my mood (=

  2. Classic. I'm most excited about this particular giveaway! Fingers crossed

  3. Nail artista...anything bright, bold, sparkly, anything but classic!

  4. I usually go for a classic, professional nail look but sometimes I like to mix it up with a bold color or design.

  5. I am more of a classic nail lady for sure. ;)



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