Alice's Favorite Things 12 Days Holiday Giftaway: Day 11 | Bdellium Tools

I think it might be bad luck, not to have a little something from my friends at Bdellium Tools. These guys go with me on all my shoots and I swear they always bring me luck.

Since it's been a while since we had a new Made(up) in NY. Let's just revisit my Burlesque Queen episode with Cocolectic in Austin. It's been almost a year since we shot it, I made a special holiday trip to Austin, TX just to make it happen, and watching it reminds me that great friendships never sink.

Enter to win one of two Yellow Bambu, five piece sets below ;).

Please use a contact that you check frequently! I need to be able to get hold of you if you do win. I promise all information collected will only be used for this contest! 

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  1. elf's shadow brush because it packs on the shadow

  2. My favorite brush is the Real Technique's Setting brush. I love it so much because it's the perfect brush to apply undereye concealer/powder!



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