Alice's Favorite Things 12 Days Holiday Giftaway: Day 6 | Skin &Co Roma

I don't consider myself a true foodie, but I do love food. I definitely choose healthy foods, but healthy foods that are not also tasty are a no go. Roasted honey balsamic beets? Yes. Soy granules? No.

When I caught wind of Skin & Co. Roma's star ingredient-- a unique truffle infused oil, I'll admit it piqued my curiosity. Could something that is so wonderfully delicious also be healthy and great for skin?

Creator Gabriel Balestra is an elegant, well groomed, and well dressed gentleman with a soft accent and a certain air of refinement. I met him on the floor of Henri Bendel, having limited knowledge of his brand and walked away charmed and inspired. Skin and Co. Roma has a rich history that is not only based in tradition, the original formulas were created by his Grandmother in the 1950's, but also, recently, through an initiative by Gabriel himself, proven by science.

He described to me how his Grandmother was a prolific formulator, keeping careful records, creating batches and batches of her famous truffle infused skin oils, and gleaning the most effective through trial and error.

As you guys all know, I love a fantastic story.

Read more about what Mr. Balestra's family traditions and what he does to celebrate the holidays on Examiner and enter to win the opportunity to partake in his grandmother's magical concoctions yourself by entering the rafflecopter below!

Please use a contact that you check frequently! I need to be able to get hold of you if you do win. I promise all information collected will only be used for this contest!
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