Alice's Favorite Things 12 Days Holiday Giftaway: Day 5 | Josie Maran

Preface: Well, it's been quite a day here at Candifiend studios! We've been battling the internet, which cut out some time before 11am EST today and did not return until some time past 7pm. I am both amazed and horrified at how dependent we are on being connected online these days! It really served as a reminder that really, it's not hat serious, also, there are other things happening in the universe offline... like getting my apt organized! Can I get a hashtag firstworldproblems?!

I think my little internet battle today is a great segue into my 5th day giftaway partnership. Awareness that there is a whole world beyond my world.

I love to share stories about people who I admire. Josie Maran's story is a lovely one.

Josie started her career as a model, a super model, actually. For those who are fortunate and capable of reaching the upper echelons of the social order, in a career that the majority of people who dare attempt to persue never gain liftoff, it is easy to float off into the Neverland of the beautiful and wealthy. Josie, however, remained grounded.

When she became pregnant with her first daughter, Josie gained additional awareness of what she was putting on her skin and really focused on finding products with ingredients that limited exposure to potentially toxic substances. She also focused in on how she could reach her own potential and capacity to do good on Earth.

Josie is sharing with us today, one of her Escape to Morocco Argan gift sets. I wrote about it in November for Examiner and have kept the gorgeously packaged Argan Oil serum on my desk ever since. I reach for it when ever my hands feel a little rough around the edges.

Learn more about Josie on Examiner and read about her holiday memories and tips in the new Q&A.

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  1. I don't call itr a regimen but I wash my face, then moisturize

  2. Not much too it. Wash face with warm water, moisturize daytime and night time if I remember. Wash with baking soda every week or so.

  3. I wash my face, apply a hydrating serum, and then moisturize :)

  4. I change my regimen according to the time of the year/condition of my skin.



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