Easy on the Eyes | A chat with Mally

For Mally Beauty July TSV (QVC speak for Today's Special Value), Mally gave me a personal preview over Skype! It's so hard not to love Mally, but you already know that!

Here's a snippet (all the juicey stuff, of course) from our chat:

Alice: Look what I got today.

Mally: Do you like it?

Alice: Yes, I do! I actually have the first City Chick in the Buff palette. I used it in one of my YouTube videos and also did a give away for the holidays and it went pretty well.

Mally:  Yay!!!

Alice: I noticed that there are more grey-taupe colors in this palette than the first one, is a there a reason why you decided to go darker?

Mally: Oh, I just wanted to mix it up a little. There are a few that are same ones from before. I kept those because I felt that those were my best and most used colors. And for the person who, maybe did not get the first palette, I wanted to be sure to keep the ones that were my favorites in there. But yes, it’s a little more taupe-y there are some softer colors, there’s a little more matte and a couple of even darker colors in there. I think I have to say it’s my favorite one of (City Chick) one and two.

Alice: I love this palette (referring to the City Chick Palettes), I take it with me when I travel!

Mally: Thank you! You know what, for me it’s about education and it’s all about teaching all of my secrets and tips. I don’t know if you got this too, this booklet.

Alice: Yes! I did! It’s in my bag somewhere…

Mally: The special, the TSV, is about the eye shadows, eye primer, the mascara, the 3 eyeliners… but, this booklet is really the secret to the special value. This is the secret of all of my tips, all of my know-how, in these howto’s. The eyeshadow looks in this book answer all of the questions that I get: How to get bigger looking eyes, How to look like you got 8hrs of sleep, How to get a perfect smokey eye, How to get great daytime looks-- it’s all in here. And every single one of these looks takes less than 2 minutes to do.

Alice: Two minutes?!

Mally: I really wanted to create something for that person who really doesn’t normally wear makeup at all—that person can still get all the benefits and perfect it. They are effective strategic makeup looks. I wanted to show that it’s not just I like this line because it’s my makeup, in fact there is really science behind this, it works, and it can really help you look the best you’ve ever looked.

Alice: Very nice! I like how you always have those little booklets in your kits, which is so nice.

Mally: Absolutely, and this one is a whole other level. I worked really hard at creating, not just looks for the in the buff palette, but also for the I Love Color collection. Like, how to put on blue eye shadow. And also green and purple! All those colors you learn in this kit. It’s a really good product. I’m very excited.

Alice: Do you have one of the I Love Color palettes to show?

Mally: I think so… hold on… (looks around room) My office is being completely renovated, it’s going to be like a pink puke party in here!

Alice: Hah! Like a pink glitter explosion!

Mally: Yeah! But in the mean time, this is what we have. (holds up I Love Color Palette) Here we have the I Love Color palette.

  Alice: Ohh! I like that! That’s really pretty!

Mally: It’s also on auto delivery, so you get another palette in October. I’m not supposed to show you but this is the one coming in October. Ooops…

Alice: It looks exciting!

Mally: Only because you are my friend.

Alice: Aww, thanks Mally! So are we expecting to see you in September, for fashion week? At the tents?

Mally: Yes, we will be back in September at the tents for my friend Tracy Reese. And maybe some other places, we are figuring it out now.

Alice: Okay.

Mally: It’s a lot going on now. Usually we have QVC shows about that time. My Mallynistas always come first. Definitely we will be at Tracey Reese and then maybe some thing else, we are going to see.

Alice: That’s exciting news! That’s big… actually. Cause, Tracy is your girl! Usually that is the one you do.

Mally: Yeah, cause I really usually only have time for one. And I always choose her, but we’re going to see and play it by ear.

Alice: I like your sweatshirt! This is totally off topic!

Mally: It’s Wildfox. I got to be honest, I bought it for my daughters. They thought it was so funny. On days when I am just in the office this is what you get.

You can find Mally Beauty products including the Easy on the Eyes Wardrobe on QVC.com.



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