Halloween Makeup SFX Kit Focus

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Halloween is my favorite!

I've always loved to play dress-up. Chalk it up to being born a girl, but I like to think it was always just a key part of my personality.

When I was about 5, I had a baby blanket that I treated as a sarong. I'd tie it around my waist and wear it as a skirt, or diagonally across my body and wear it as a one shouldered dress. On occasion it would be a cape. Whenever we had to leave the house, my parents would make me leave it behind and I would always feel naked with out it.

At some point in the 80's my mom purchased one of those plastic mask and smock combos for me to wear trick-or-treating. They did not have Strawberry Shortcake in my size so I was Apricot instead.

For a few years in High School I sorta rejected Halloween and did what the other teenagers did instead: walked around in my regular clothes and collected free candy from the neighbors. 

But now, I've come full circle. I live for Halloween! And, I am so lucky to have a job where I'm totally encouraged to go completely wild. Every. Single. Year.

While I spend most of Hallo-Weekend working to help other people realize their costume visions (which means I am almost always Catwoman these days, as the makeup artist uniform is all black), every day counting down to the end of October is still filled with planning and anticipation.

Largely I spend time brushing up on skills and consulting for my friends who are trying to plot out their costumes.

I thought it would be nice to go ahead and share some of the things I've learned about special FX here, so that you guys can share in my joy as well.

To get started, check out the slideshow first for some kit basics:

Created with flickr slideshow.

My key recommendations for out-of-kit FX are:

1. Third Degee
2. Clown White
3. Pros-aide or Spirit Gum
4. Fake Blood
5. Spatula and Palette
6. Flash-color palette
7. Plasto-Wax
8. Translucent Loose Powder
9. Disposible applicators

Not pictured in slide show:

10. Plastic Sealor
11. Blister-fx
12. Sculpting flesh

All of these products can be found at the Make Up For Ever Pro studio in NYC, or similar products can be found at most Halloween/ costume suppliers. With these items you can pretty much create every thing you want to do. Click through to read more about the individual products on my Examiner page.

Now that you have your kit together, I know you want to see what you can do. Beware, the following photos are graphic and not for the faint of heart. But, don't worry, No models were harmed in the making of these Special FX.

Artist: Lijha Stewart for Make Up For Ever, Model: Ellen McGrath
These are some photos I took during a special training, where I learned how to do various out-of-kit SFX using the makeup products in the slide-show. The "zombie bite" on Elle's neck was concocted of liquid latex, facial tissue, spirit gum, fake blood, Sculpting flesh, Blister fx, and regular foundation. The bullet wound was made of Plasto-wax and fake blood. Everything was "painted" using a oil-based cream makeup, in this case, Flash Color, before the "pus" and/or "blood" was added.

Artist: Lijha Stewart for Make Up For Ever, Model: Ellen McGrath
The "boils" and "road rash" on Ellen's shoulder are mostly "paint" and blister fx. Volume was added using Plasto-wax. Here's a close up of those "boils": 

Artist: Lijha Stewart for Make Up For Ever, Model: Ellen McGrath
And, this last one is my favorite kind of out-of-kit FX, the nasty "cut." It's so easy and looks incredibly realistic:

Artist: Lijha Stewart for Make Up For Ever, Model: Ellen McGrath

Ellen's slashed wrist is created from Plasto-wax, foundation, Flash-color, and fake blood. Pay a visit to WE WEAR THINGS to find out how to recreate this look.

All of the FX using Plasto-wax can be sealed with a Plastic Sealer to help them last longer. Use the sealer before "painting."

Please leave comments below or message me on Facebook if you would like to get more specifics on how to achieve any of these looks.

Happy Halloween!


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