NYFW, Here we go again.

Day 1, NYFW SP 2015: Backstage at Tadashi Shoji. Photo by Adam Hanson.
It's been a whole year. I've been quiet. I let myself go dark, emerging only to cover a few things here and there for Examiner. I needed some time to figure out what next. I can't even start to explain my life the last few years, but maybe it'll unravel here in time. One thing never changed...

New York Fashion Week takes over my life twice a year. Every season that rolls around, I say to myself, I'm going to take it easy. I'm going to minimize the number of shows I cover. But then my trusty Team Candifiend (Adam, Hobart, and sometimes Vickie) convenes here in NYC, the invitations roll in, and I get a major case of FOMO.

I want to see it all. I want to be in it. It feeds me. I go see these amazing people come together for those 20 minutes of amazingness, and the energy is just intoxicating.

The people who roll their eyes and say Fashion Week is frivolous, just don't understand.

As a reporter, I get to see history in the make. It's more than just vanity and the next throwaway trend. The way we dress and groom ourselves is a living visual of current values and a thermometer for the times.

As an artist, it's heartening to witness other creatives from different areas come together to make magic. If calling it magic is too much of an exaggeration then let's call it beautiful moments... all these beautiful moments that are the result of the worlds of Fashion and Beauty colliding.

Le Sigh.

I figured this would be a good time to put up what Team Candifiend peeped at the at NYFW SP 2016. Everything is in stores now. So you could totally get inspired and go shopping ;). And if you aren't a clothes horse there was plenty of spring hair and makeup inspiration too.

Come back, I'll be rolling out slideshows for the next few days.




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