TRAVEL | The Makeup Show Dallas: What's in my bag?

Reunion Tower and the Hyatt Regency Hotel, venue for the first Makeup Show Dallas.

Full disclosure: Up until now, you'd have to do some serious investigating to have figured out that I am a Resident Artist at Make Up For Ever Pro (MUFE). I try very hard to keep a certain level of journalistic integrity, so I do my best not to let my work as a beauty editor cross-over with my life as an employee. Which means you'll rarely read about MUFE products or my work with MUFE, even though I love my work there and am a big believer in the brand.

But... A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to travel with my colleagues for work at the very first Makeup Show in my home state, and I've decided that along with a "What's in my bag?," I wanted share with you my experiences traveling for work.

Make Up For Ever is a diamond sponsor of The Makeup Show. Come see us in a town near you.

So... I went to Dallas for the first time in almost 10 years, and here is what ensued.

Perfect for Halloween stories. Google Hotel Lawrence, Dallas if you are brave.
The convention hotel was packed so we stayed here instead. As it turns out, The Makeup Show Dallas also fell on the same weekend as 3 other conferences, plus the opening of the Texas State Fair. Crashing here made for some interesting conversation between TMS goers, my colleagues, and I, but I won't get too much into it. I will say that I happily swapped my original room on the 8th floor with a coworker who had a room on the 3rd floor though. Also, I really like the Wes Anderson vibe that the facade is giving. The shabby chic interior felt like a set straight out of The Darjeeling Limited as well.

There are these little public spaces all around downtown Dallas. Dealey Plaza is special b/c it is adjacent to the grassy knoll that flanked the street JFK was riding down when he was fatally wounded. Hundreds of people witnessed it.

I'm really a nerd and love to indulge in a bit of history and culture when ever I can. Just down the street from Hotel Lawrence is the infamous Texas School Book Depository– the building from which the shots which killed John F. Kennedy were fired. You can guess where I snuck-off to, as soon as I could find a moment in my schedule.

I visited Dealey Plaza as a child in the 1980's and paid a visit to the museum, but the area has changed significantly. The 6th floor Museum has evolved into a much more impactful and interactive experience today. If you ever go to Dallas, the museum is worth a peep. To see what it looks like from the sniper's perch on the sixth floor, visit their Earthcam livefeed.

JFK memorial
I didn't get to see much else. But I did walk past this:

The Eye 2007 by Tony Tasset, is 30ft tall and is just hanging out in this courtyard, courtesy of the Joule Hotel.

Also, before I get into what I stashed in my suitcase for my quickie business trip...

Oh, just me and Ve Neil, chilling at the Make Up For Ever booth.
One of the best things about going to The Makeup Show is the incredible people you meet. I get messages from young aspiring artists regularly who ask me about how to get in to the industry. I never know what to tell them because this is such a career where there is no right or wrong, and everyone carves out their own path. It took me a very long time to realize this. It's so easy to always feel like you are behind the crowd somehow. It seems that way, but you aren't. So here are a few of my thoughts: Go to the trade-shows and be present. Try not to think of it as networking, just be there, do a little shopping, get some education, and find something inspiring.

And now, what you have scrolled down the page to find ;):

Created with flickr slideshow.

1. Lumene Bright Now BB Cream w/ SPF20– I've tried many complexion products in my time, but the Lumene BB cream has been a standing favorite for the past year now. I am fortunate enough to have fairly good skin, so the light weight coverage and color correcting tint is just enough to zap my under eye circles. As a bonus, I find that the vitamin C has brightened and smoothed my skin over time. Plus, I love the SPF 20– anything that allows me to save a little time in the morning, especially if I am traveling for work, is greatness in my book.

2. Cleanse by Lauren Napier makeup wipes– Unless you've experienced a bad makeup wipe (or even worse, a baby wipe to your face) you can't possibly understand. Lauren's wipes are special. Go get them. And, if you are someone who values efficiency, Cleanse wipes are not just makeup removing, they are an all-in-one skincare system packed with aloe, chamomilla, and cucumber extracts that help cleanse, tone, and moisturize at the same time. And they were conceived specifically for gals on the go. It's better than carrying a bottle of makeup remover that can easily explode in your suitcase.

3. Skyn Iceland hydro-cool eye gels– I never go anywhere with out a few of these stashed away in my bag. Trade-shows are high energy and high stress. These are my mini-spa moment at the end of the day.

4. Spadet Nutrient-rich Facial spray– Pronounced "Spah-DAY." This is a new discovery for me. I met Annabelle recently at a Beautypress event and fell in love. I always carry a facial mist anytime I get on a plane because the dry, recycled air is not only horrific for skin, it also does a number on my sinuses. I never purposefully inhale my sprays, but I find that a spritz anytime I start to feel too parched helps me get through the fight comfortably. It's also nice when I need a pick me up during the day. Spadet's spray is not only rich with moisture, it also has Himalayan sea salt to help draw out impurities, and smells like heaven.

5. The Instyler MAX– Yep. This is what you think it is. I have a ton of hair, and contrary to popular belief, my Asian heritage did not afford me "wash and go" or "wash and sleep-on-it," ease. My hair looks like it would automatically be smooth, but if I do not do a proper blow dry, it becomes frizzy. And by frizzy I do not mean automatically curly or beachy waves, I mean frizzy. Normally I would pack my very serious turbo hair dryer AND a flat iron AND a curling iron for a business trip. Instead I decided to do an experiment. I only packed my newly minted, Instyler MAX. Let's just say my bag was 10lbs lighter, and my hair never even noticed. (P.S. I used the hotel hair dryer to get some moisture out of my hair before using the Instyler.)

6. Klorane dry shampoo– Just like with my Lumene BB Cream, I have taken a real shine to Klorane dry shampoo. I don't limit dry shampoo use to when I am traveling, I grab it anytime I just can't allocate time to deal with my over grown head of hair (see also number 5, Instyler MAX). I use Klorane through-out the week when my schedule becomes over-whelming. What I love about it is that it doesn't build up on my scalp, like others have in the past, and it helps keep my hair healthier because I'm not stripping all the natural oils from it like a traditional wash does.

7. Eye Mask– This one is self-explanatory. I mostly use my eye mask on the plane, but it also comes in handy if I end up in a hotel room where there is too much ambient light.

8. JAO Refresher, sanitizing spray– I really hate the way most hand sanitizers smell and feel. JAO, however, uses a natural anti-microbial mix of ethyl alcohol (which is the kind that people drink) essential oils of Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Sage, which not only smells amazing but is also safe for your body. People forget that skin is not only a barrier, it is also an entry point. Added bonus: it's not just good for for hands. At the risk of giving too much information, it's also great for those off days when you just feel like your deodorant has given out, or if you've been traveling for just a few hours too long. Trust me, it works.

Now, before I wrap things up, I wanted to share one more thing.

Since I couldn't travel too far off, I grabbed a plate at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse with a coworker. Not shabby at all.

Can't leave Texas with out having some Texas BBQ. I did manage to squeeze some in before hopping back on a plane to NY. Oh brisket, how I long for you when I am far away.

Happy Travels!


  1. oh my goodness that giant eyeball is amazing! Is this more of a travel bag or more of your typical day to day bag? I love seeing what other people carry, so interesting. And how cool is it that you're a makeup professional! So cool!

    1. Hi Victoria! Thanks for your message. This is a cross between my travel bag and everyday items. In my purse I'll usually have a bottle of JAO and the Spadet spray. I might throw in the Cleanse wipes, but I usually prefer to remove my makeup at home.



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