Cat-eye Liner Tutorial with Coco Lectric and Bdellium Tools Pinup Makeup Contest

I'm very happy to share with you this fun video I did with a dear friend of mine: Burlesque Queen Cocolectric.

Coco and I have been friends since we were in Jr. High. We pretty much grew up playing dress-up and finding excuses to do it in public by participating in all kinds of talent shows together. (Drama Club Forever!) I hope that statement wasn't too revealing...

 Here's a picture in of us in a high school "fashion show." I think we pretty much look the same today. Eh?

We shot this episode in Austin, Texas, where Coco and the Jigglewatts have made their home at Maggie Mae's on 6th street in the heart of downtown. (If you are ever in town, be sure to go say "Hi.")

Shooting outside of New York City was a very deliberate creative choice for me. I really wanted to show that no matter how far away you get from your hometown, the things you grow up with never lose their influence over you. This applies to both positive and less positive things. I like to think the positive ones are the ones that have prevailed in my life.

As a bonus, my dear friend and presenting sponsor for my Made(up) in NY YouTube series, Bdellium Tools is holding a Pinup makeup contest! Check out their post on Facebook for details on how to enter and win the Pink Bambu Angle Brow that I use for EVERYTHING in this episode.

Do it!

I love making great new things with great old friends!
My badass Texas crew, top to bottom left to right, Bob, Connie, Purple Unicorn, Mayra, Me, Coco and Jackson. not pictured: still photographer Steve Dement) . 


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