Twelve Days of Christmas gift-away: Day 5 | Katy Perry Purr

Meow, Meow, Purrrrrr. Win Me!
Oddly enough, Katy Perry reminds me of my not so Little Sister. I say “not so,” because Vickie turned 30 about a month ago.  Also, I guess it’s really not so odd, because Katy Perry’s best friend and assistant in life is her older sister Angela.
Drive by shooting at a fancy hotel with my partner in crime ;).
I am not Vickie’s assistant, nor is she mine, but I owe so much of where I’ve come in my life to her that I can’t even begin to describe it—partly because it’s just too much to chronicle, and partly because I’m such an emotional cry baby that I wouldn't be able to see through the tears to write it all down.
What I can boil it down to is: Vickie is both my enabler and my biggest fan. Though she’s actually my younger sister, she has, at times balanced me by being the more grounded and responsible one. 
While it’s a little bit annoying to be scolded by your younger sibling, I don’t mind at all-- it’s freed me up to be the dreamer in the family.
She's always been there for me.
From what I can gather from  Part of Me-- one of the last movies that Vickie took me to see before she flew away to start a new chapter of her life on the other side of the globe, Katy and Angela have a similarly close relationship.
On a side note, the last big concert in Manhattan I attended was a Katy Perry concert, also as a guest of my sister. So it all makes sense, doesn’t it?
Here we are on her wedding day.
This day is dedicated to my Little Sister. I can’t say it enough, thank you for letting me, “do” me. And, while it has been very hard to be so far from you, I am happy to see that you are off on a new adventure now, finding out what else you can do.
For all the movers, and shakers, and dreamers, and rainmakers out there, and all the people who allow them to be who they are and do what they do: I am offering one lucky person a Katy Perry Purr gift set, courtesy of Katy Perry Beauty. Please enter the Rafflecopter below!
Read more about Purr on the Examiner.
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  1. My favourite fragrance is Coco mademoiselle, by Chanel

  2. My favorite fragrance is Paco Rabanne Lady Million. I love the staying power of this perfume :)

  3. ummm i don't have one in specific, i love any fragance that has vanilla scent!!! Love the bottle of this one *-* so cute!

  4. The second Paris Hilton perfume, because my older brother gifted it to me.

  5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs - it's feminine and fresh (plus I like that it is a little fruity).



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