Twelve Days of Christmas gift-away: Day 12 | Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars

Not even all of the Lip Tars I have in my makeup kit.
“The first step is accepting you have a problem,” says David, the creator of OCC.
Well clearly I’ve got a little bit of a problem.
Ever since I discovered OCC Lip Tars from my BFF Konnie, who is a far better product analyst than I am, I have been obsessed.
First of all, they are infused with peppermint oil. I love minty things. I have minty shower gel, minty lotions, minty shampoo...
And second, it delivers.
1.     The colors are true. You get the color you see in the tube, which, for a makeup artist, is invaluable.
2.     They can be mixed together to create an infinite number of colors. (But I still want every, single, one.)
3.     It’s not icky. It goes on like a gloss, but then it dries down to this beautiful satiny finish. 
4.     You get great value, to cover an entire lip, you only need a tiny drop. And by tiny, I mean a pin drop, not a tear drop, or a gum drop.
You don't have to be a makeup artist to appreciate lip products that do what they say they are going to do.  
Not a good picture of me, but Issa looks nice. This is a behind the scenes photo for a shoot I did using Lip Tar.
Plus, with the addition of the Metallurgy capsule, there’s a new finish to choose from! (Oh my.)
Benefit from my obsession: I’ve selected 5 of my favorite OCC Lip Tars to give away, courtesy of my friends at Obsessive Compulsive. 
Win Us! Pretty Boy, Yaoi, Super NSFW, Hush and Memento.
Please enter the rafflecopter below.
Read more about OCC Lip Tars on the Examiner, and see how you can get the Ombre lip look I did on Issa on We Wear Things.
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  1. I've seen a looooot of good comments and reviews of OCC's lip tars *-* i want to try them out soooo badly u.u

  2. I would be a mauve lip color!



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