Twelve Days of Christmas gift-away: Day 3 | 3 months of Glossy box

My official introduction to Glossy Box was through The NY Collective, a blogger community that I was graciously invited into earlier this year. So this post is for them.

Fast forward for a second with me to last night.

I started my evening off by meeting up with a fellow beauty enthusiast, Gloria, at the fantastic fun Hello Kitty, Hello Art! opening in Nolita. (More on this later)

After getting my fill of peppermint bark and hugs from Hello Kitty (!), I made my way over to the Refinery 29 Tinseltown Bazzar a few blocks away, and was immediately swept up into a conversation about “Hot Santas” and other unrepeatable topics in front of the insta-photo booth with Heather, Tessa, Jessica and Chris.

I ended my night at Delicatessen laughing hysterically with the girls from the Refinery event and another new friend, Jasmin.

Less than a year ago I would have done all of these events alone, taken photos, recorded a few interviews, and rushed home to write or edit in a timely manner-- like a hermit.

Anyhow, I’m rambling…

Thank you to all my ladies and gents of the NY Collective for encouraging me to have a life, giving me a place to turn when no one else quite gets it, and making me stay out way past my bed time. Follow the NY Collective on Twitter and FB to see what kind of antics we are all up to.

This gift of 3 months of Glossy Box, is courtesy of another lovely lady I am connected to through the Collective, Kristine. Thank you Pretty! ;) Please enter the rafflecopter below!

To learn more about Glossy Box, swing by my Examiner!

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  1. Lots of fun last night! Always nice hanging out with you :)

  2. Had so much fun with you doll! XOXOXO

  3. it seems like you have found true friends!!! <3

  4. My favourite fragrance is Coco Mademoiselle, by Chanel... thanks for the giveaway :)

  5. Paris hilton, thanks for the opportunity

  6. Dolce & Gabbana Light can use it all year round. Love the smell.

  7. MARC by Marc Jacobs! My FAVE! I love the gardenia smell. It is not too sweet, or too strong, and it makes you feel like a LADY <3 I go through bottle after bottle. Tons of compliments <3 I LOVE MARC!

  8. Daisy by Marc Jacobs - it's feminine and fresh (plus I like that it is a little fruity).

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