Twelve Days of Christmas Gift-away | Day 1: Lady Gaga Fame

Lady Gaga told ABC News: “I have always felt disappointed by celebrity fragrances because they seem to ride on the air of amateur or cheap, like the fans don’t deserve the same as someone buying a fragrance at Chanel deserves … I wanted to create something that made my fans feel good enough to have anything.”

Before I start into the giveaway. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of my writing, and my YouTube this year, and always.

If you are close to me you know that every year on this day I celebrate the anniversary of one of the biggest events of my life, and I have that event to thank for where I have found myself in life today.

This year I have decided to do something extra special in conjunction to this celebration. With that, I present to you, my "favorite things" 12 days of Christmas Gift-away. Every day I will feature a new item that I like on here, and on one of my other media outlets, and pending approval, I will try to also offer a related giveaway.

Let the celebrations begin!

The first time I heard of Lady Gaga was actually completely unrelated to her music. A friend of mine, actually more of a friendly acquaintance who is very close friends with one of my besties, landed a job dancing on a tour with a talented, but not extremely well known recording artist. By the end of that tour Lady Gaga had blown up.

In the past, I think I might have been unfair to Gaga. I find her music to be catchy and fun. I will admit to really loving to butcher it at Karaoke. But as far as having a real respect for her art, I can’t say I always have.

It wasn’t until around the time she released Born this Way, and Edge of Glory that I really started to see her differently and admire her on a deeper level.

I mean, I still think she can be little bit excessive in pushing her “crazy” upon the general public, but personally, I can appreciate that.

In celebration of Lady Gaga’s message to the world, and as a toast to accepting yourself and finding the right life path, I am giving away one Lady Gaga Fame rollerball eau de perfume and one full size eau de perfume vaporisateur(Courtesy of Coty). There will be two separate winners to this giveaway. Enter the below rafflecopter to win!

Also, read more about Fame on the Examiner.

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  1. my favorite fragrance is fame, i have yet to own a bottle but i've tried it out. it is my favorite mainly because of the push-pull technology of the perfume that works well on with my body chemistry, it smells totally different through out the day. lastly it is also because it can be use as a unisex frangrance, every one and anyone can own then :) !

  2. My favorite scent is Paco Rabanne Lady Million. I love it because the scent last long without reapplying.

  3. the second Paris Hilton perfume, because my brother gifted it to me.

  4. My favorite fragrance is Estée by Estée Lauder. Every time i would spray some on like different flashes of my childhood flash before me. My aunt and cousins would always smell like Estée every time we came over. Although, personally i don't like their new formula you can tell the differences between the notes.

  5. Hi ALICE :)! My favorite is the burberry brit sheer perfume. It is perfect for Spring & Summer days because it is so light and pleasant. :))

  6. Daisy by Marc Jacobs - it's feminine and fresh (plus I like that it is a little fruity).



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