Happy Halloween from Zombie Alice

Zombie Alice hopes you are safe and dry... for now. Muahhhha.
I hope all my East Coast friends have weathered well though Sandy and escaped unscathed!

It seems that the weather is just bound and determined to interfere, but if I have to, I am going to get dressed up and just hang out in my apt because Halloween is my FAVORITE!

Despite the pending storm, we had a grand time this Saturday at Make Up For Ever being out of luck Disney Characters.
Looks like Snow White got into a fight with the Evil Queen.

Poor Belle got mauled by Beast.

Lie much Pinocchio?

Who pushed Esmeralda out of the tower?

All the sea characters hard at work.

What were you trying to say Ariel? Oh sorry, Ursula got your voice box.

Sad Micky is just so sad...
Alice fell down the rabbit hole and hit her head on a door. Ouch.
See what Zombie Alice is wearing by checking out my guest post on We Wear Things.


  1. Out of luck Disney characters! You and Diana look adorbs.

    Amy Dunn | Photographer



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