Manhattan Mag. & Lexus First Look | New York International Auto Show

Lexus throws a fantastic party.

April 5, 2012, Jacob Javits Center-- I swooped in to scope out all the pretty new cars and do some good people watching at the Lexus First Look Cocktail preview. Here's What I saw:

The required car spokesmodel presentation. Call me a geek, but the main thing I notice is how cool the sound is...

Crash Test dummy game. There was a long line for it. I didn't get to try it out.

Mia Moretti and Catlin Moe, amazing.

What's Das?

I can't ever resist a photo booth.

As dusty it must have been to cruise around in this. I can't resist a beautiful vintage car.
This is  Edsel Ford's (yes, that Ford) 1934 Model 40 Special Speedster. 

Varoom Baby... VAROOM.

I bet his daddy is super proud.

Love. The Plug in part, not really the car so much.

The build outs they do for trade shows always amazes me.

I am a sucker.

For little.

Sporty cars.

Also, love. The whole thing. So Fun!

It rang but I didn't pick up. Maybe next time.

New cabs, well done Nissan. So easy to get in and out of.
Esp. excited to find them when I am with my MU and styling kits.

Not sure what I am looking at here, but I like it.

The Morgan 3, now available stateside. Perfect for those Hampton's Summers.


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