Macy's Fall 2012 Ideology Preview

In a stroke of synergistic genius, Macy's booked out a classroom at Alvin Ailey as a stage for their new workout wares-- completely appropriate considering their Ideology poster girl, Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars. (The eye candy fluttering around in the hallways wasn't bad either!)

Preview attendees noshed on an array of wholesome snacks, and sipped healthy tasting but still surprisingly delicious juices from Liquiteria as they cruised around the dance studio to take in the colorful new gear.

So Yummy.

The burnout tripe topper on the left is one of Burke's faves, and mine too!

The "coverup" jackets are full of cute details and come in many fun colors.

If you were lucky you came at a good time for a chair massage. I missed out.

So many great colors!

A great alternative to your old college t-shirt.

Cute yoga mat carrier, with a pocket for your things!


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