A chat with SuChin at the HRS Beauty Bus

Interviewing SuChin Pak at the Soho Beauty Bus stop. Photo by Diana Manzaneras

I caught up with SuChin Pak at the Hair Room Service Beauty Bus event on Sept. 22, which I was covering for the Examiner. I've always admired SuChin and her initiatives, so I thought I'd share the transcript of my interview here.

Alice:              I just wanted to get a few words from you about how you got involved, and why you think it’s important for women to have this service.

SuChin:           Well, I just signed on with Daily Candy. I am their new chief correspondent. So, [this is] a very good first day. What I am doing is bringing all the editorial content to life on camera. We have [planned a handful] of series that we are about to film.

I would love if everyday the Hair Room Service Beauty Bus came to my house and did my hair and I walked out [ready to go]. That would make a huge difference in my life. It’s such a practical way to approach beauty [services]. It’s fantastic.

Alice:              Did they do your hair today?

SuChin:           They didn't do my hair but they are going to touch up my hair because it’s really hot and humid out here. I started out with a really nice blowout, but they’re going to fix it now.

Alice:              How did you get on board with Daily Candy?

SuChin:           They came to me [because] I do the Hester Street Fair. They loved how I curate the market… And really, Hester Street Fair is sort of a smaller version of Daily Candy.

We [both] champion amazing, fresh talent, and we give them a platform to hopefully grow.  It’s an incredibly empowering experience for everyone involved, so it [is] such a perfect partnership.

It’s really the easiest new job I’ve ever walked into. The Daily Candy girls are really amazing. And I just so believe in Daily Candy. I’ve been a fan since day one. It’s just amazing that they called me.

Alice:              Speaking of Hester Street Fair, you just did collaboration with Henri Bendels. Tell me a little bit about it.

SuChin:           Yes, we did! We did an amazing event for Fashion’s Night Out. We took over Bendels and turned it into Hester Street Fair.  So it was kind of awesome to have like Downtown come Uptown. I think they were all a little surprised. But it’s cool, you know, how many times do you get to [provide the forum] so that some small indie designers can say ‘I’m selling at Bendels’?

[I want to provide] those kinds of opportunities whether it’s with Daily Candy, or Bendels, or any other place [where I can] champion small businesses and really amazing ideas that need just a little bit of attention. It is an incredibly fulfilling thing.

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